About Me

Currently residing in Amsterdam with Lin and our dog Floris, I aim to make the most of life while at the same time impacting the world positively only.

I hike, I kiteboard, I snowboard and I cook (a lot).

As for work, there’s a lot to tell.

I try to bring great people together to form a great team that aims to change world slightly. In the past I’ve done this at JTeam and SpringSource, two software companies I founded.

Currently, I’m doing this at The New Motion where we help eradicating fossil-fuel use for transport. We make sure all owners of electric vehicles can charge, anywhere, any time.

To get an idea about my views on sustainability, have a look at the following video.


More video material is available on YouTube as well. Such as an interview in a Tesla on the race track of Zandvoort and an interview in our office in May 2011. If you’d like to get an idea what I used to be doing, you can also have a look at this particular video where I dive into the magic of Aspect-Oriented Programming.

More information on my linkedin profile, on twitter, or on facebook.

What say you?

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