Rifugio Guglielmina burnt down the ground

This completely baffled me. We’ve been to the Monte Rosa Ski resort once this year and are heading out once more in a few hours and while I was looking online I came across a news post telling that Rifugio Guglielmina has burnt down the ground during the night of the 22nd of December last year. I completely missed this…

Claiming to be one of the highest hotels in Europe once and opened 365 days per year, it was a marvelous place and I always went there to get some of the great food they served. Guglielmina had just restocked, so their fuel tanks were fully loaded and this only added to the speed the fire spread.

Due to high winds, there was no possibility to get helicopters to put out the fire. So although there were no personal injuries, the hotel didn’t stand a chance.

The refuge was first built in 1878 and recently renovated. There are no plans to rebuild it as of yet.

End of an era!

What say you?

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